Reviewed by Garret Rose

The Rafters weaves an intricate, but confusing series of characters, storylines, and subplots that don’t add up to a pleasing conclusion.

The first of the Somnambulist Saga begins with choppy dialogue that reeks of the type of discussions that one would hear in a misogynistic, high school locker room. As the story becomes more involved with the plot, the dialogue becomes more sporadic, profane, and annoying. While the story is visually stunning and weaves an intricate amount of threads, characters, and even plots, this complex world gives the feel of a newly-released scenario video game. While this novel falls short on quality, there is enough room for improvement in the following books of the Somnambulist saga.

Rhyus Delmar is a young Calling who, due to memory loss, finds himself running ever further from his Messenger in a vain attempt to discover his true identity. Every chapter brings with it new revelations, and often new questions. As he seeks to find his memory with help from Venn, a reluctant, but ultimately compassionate character, Rhyus sets out on an adventure that offers the reader a new and exciting world for the fantasy epic lover. As the novel nears the end, many questions are answered, but many questions remain open for answering in the following books to come.

Montgomery adds an unnecessary dose of banter throughout the story, which only serves to slow down the action. The characters wear biker jackets, sport lip rings, eyebrow barbells, magic tattoos, and use adolescent lingo. This seems intended to appeal to a younger audience. This is ultimately the undoing for the first book of the series. Hopefully the maturity of the dialogue will increase without sounding too dramatically different from the opening novel of the saga.

The Rafters is a great read for those who are interested in the fantasy genre, but only for those interested in the fantasy genre.

Rating: 2/5

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