Reviewed by Erin N.

Paul Morland III faced a serious dilemma. After the death of his beloved Elizabeth, Paul couldn’t seem to interest any of his nine children to be heirs to the Morland estates and titles. His eldest, John, ill-advisedly fell in love with a wild, northern, female princeling and abandoned his family responsibilities to follow that star. Paul Morland IV died young and senselessly. William fell in love with the theater and Arthur, the sea. With the Morland nurseries empty, Paul III might be forced to acknowledge the living result of the Morland’s most scandalous secret as his heir.

Set against the backdrop of Elizabethan England, this third installment of the Morland Dynasty follows the families of Paul Morland III and Nannette Chapham (Paul’s aunt) as they come to grips with the changing political and religious landscape while trying to hang onto the legacy of their forefathers. Through Nannette, the Morlands have a place of honor with the royal Tudors, yet even this distinction might not save their Catholic heritage enforced religious reformation. Family responsibility and the concept of individual freedom clash as the Morland children make their way in an England that seems to be constantly evolving.

The Princeling is book three in The Morland Dynasty Series. Originally published in 1981, The Princeling is enjoying a re-printing as the 33rd book in the Morland Dynasty Series is scheduled to be published in 2010. Cynthia Harrod-Eagles created the Morlands and their dynasty as a means to follow English history from the Middle Ages up through the Second World War.

Originally intended as a 12-book series, Harrod-Eagles has found her muse with the Morlands and has created the longest family saga in literature today. The Princeling was republished on October 1, 2010.

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