Reviewed by Jenna A.

There is an old saying, “If one does not learn of history, history will repeat itself.” Most people do not take this to heart, but in The Plot to Save Socrates, Paul Levinson brings both historical figures, as well as bombshells of deja-vu like situations to light.

In 399-400 BC, the great thinker and philosopher of our time, Socrates, was said to be put to death. However, in this compelling novel, Heron, a man traveling through time, controlling destiny and history, has other plans in the works. Heron, accompanied by other major players from the past, along with Sierra, a doctoral student from the future in search of the truth , plot to save Socrates.

Doppelgangers, deception, and the sheer amount of historical reference alone make this novel magnificant, but that is not all! Heron’s character continuously plays the part of chess master with Sierra, controlling her life, her loves, and her history. Meanwhile, Thomas’ and Alcibiades’ characters give their own astounding historical performance, giving the reader the biggest climactic twist of all, identity.

Paul Levinson has created a historical text for all ages, making the plot flow like wine and pleasing to even the most hesitant of readers. This story gives intellectual science fiction a handle to hold onto, and proves that sometimes history should repeat itself. A must read!

**Don’t stop at the end of the story. The back of the book contains historical character profiles and Q&A from the author.

Jenna lives in a small town in Ohio with her fiance and cat Osiris. Along with her passion for reading and the literary world, she is also a painter, poet, fiction writer, and amatuer photographer.

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