the paris key book coverReviewed by Meg Massey

Genevieve Martin’s life feels like it’s falling apart as her marriage crumbles. Wanting to escape her soon-to-be ex-husband’s infidelity, she agrees to travel to Paris after her Uncle Dave’s passing. Her cousin tries to convince Genevieve that she should take over Dave’s Locksmith Shop, but Genevieve is unsure of what she wants for her future.

As Genevieve arrives in Paris and to Dave’s shop, she begins to remember the summer she spent as a teenager with her uncle and his family, after the death of her mother, Angela. She finds that she is still a natural with locks, though she is hesitant to admit it. As Genevieve begins to recall her own past, she learns disturbing new information about the time Angela spent in Paris before Genevieve was born.

In The Paris Key, author Juliet Blackwell spins an interesting tale told from three perspectives; that of present-day Genevieve, teenage Genevieve and her mother Angela. Modern-day Genevieve encounters Uncle Dave’s unique and endearing neighbors as she tries to convince herself not to take over his business. Teenage Genevieve navigates the deep and tragic loss of her mother while in a foreign city, with extended family members that feel like strangers. And Angela makes a decision that alters her life, and that of her family forever. Somehow, all of these narratives come together to create a deeply emotional tale you won’t soon forget.

Will Genevieve stay in Paris? Or are the secrets of her mother’s past far too painful?

Rating: ★★★★½ 

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