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Introduction by Allison Winn Scotch

I almost think of The One That I Want as a bookend to my last book, Time of My Life. The heroines are at opposite ends of the spectrum – Tilly, in The One, is content with living her life on a smaller scale, settling into the quieter corners, taking care of everyone else as her balm. Unlike Jillian, from Time, who was so discontent, and who thus propelled herself into the past, Tilly finds complete satisfaction in her life, and thus, when she’s given the ability to see into the future, it’s as unwelcome as it is jarring. A lot of readers ask why I use these supernatural techniques in my book (though I don’t in my next one, I promise!), and my answer is that by pushing the boundaries of reality, I can pose bigger questions to my heroines – and thus, my readers. What if Tilly discovers she’s not living the life she wants? What if she learns that happier ever after isn’t happier at all? What if my readers aren’t and don’t? What then? That’s what I love exploring via my protagonists, and hopefully, flash-forwards, time-travel and all of that aside, that’s what readers take from my books.

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Reviewed by Jennifer J.

Tilly Farmer has never left high school. Not only did she marry her high school sweetheart Tyler, but she also works at a guidance counselor at the high school both she and Tyler attended. Ever since childhood, Tilly has worked hard to fix things. After the death of her mother, Tilly kept her family from further falling apart. She offered comfort and consoling to her two younger sisters Luanne and Darcy, and helped her father through his losing battle with alcohol. Rather than let all of the negativity in her life bring her down, Tilly moves through life with a smile on her face, believing with every ounce of her that this is the life she wants.

[amazonify]0307464504[/amazonify]As Tilly and Tyler contemplate parenthood, a reunion with childhood friend Ashley Simmons at the school fair leaves Tilly with a clarity about her life that she has never before possessed. The futuristic visions that Tilly now sees through contact with photographs from the past are frightening to her. When the visions all start to come true, Tilly must reevaluate the perfect life she has always thought she had, and redefine the meaning of “happiness”.

In The One That I Want, Allison Winn Scotch explores how seeing the future affects an individual’s life in the present. Being able to see her future and recognizing that it is out of her power to change things that have already been set in motion for the past 16 years leaves Tilly a total mess. Like Tilly, I’m sure most everyone would react just as shocked, hurt, and angry if the future revealed they were oblivious to a failing marriage and family secrets that were out in the open if they had just read the signs correctly. Even so, many of Tilly’s outbursts felt a little unwarranted and made her seem like a very spoiled, catered to woman. In those situations, I found it very hard to have any sympathy for her.

The One That I Want ends on a positive note as Tilly learns to look forward to an uncertain future. She is able to mend most of the relationships that she had jeopardized, including the renewal of her friendship with Ashley. Ashley proved to be a wonderful contrast to Tilly, and influential in helping her see that there is more to happiness than the memories of a childhood love, cheerleading, and planning high school proms.

I loved the subtle magical qualities of this novel, as well as the small town feel of it, and can’t wait to read more from Allison Winn Scotch.

Jennifer graduated from the University of Utah with a BA in English. She occasionally dabbles with her own fiction writing, particularly with the Young Adult and Paranormal genres. She currently resides in Utah with her husband and daughter.


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