the obsession book coverReviewed by Meg Massey

Naomi Bowes was a normal 12-year-old hoping for a bike for her birthday. But the night she followed her father into the woods behind her home, hoping to sneak a peek of her gift, she stumbled upon a horrible truth that would change her life forever. That night, Naomi freed the woman trapped inside her father’s root cellar, and that was only the beginning of a very different life. Soon, her family would learn of the extent of her father’s depravity, and he would become notorious.

Fast forward many years, and Naomi has made a living as a photographer. Afraid that others will discover the truth about her identity and her father, she moves from place to place, and creates walls between herself and others so that they can’t really get to know her or her past. But those walls begin to come crumbling down in Sunset Cove. She’s bought a home to restore in the area, and becomes friends with her contractor’s family. Through them, she meets Xander Keaton, who’s as kind as he is ruggedly handsome. Just when things begin to fall in the place, eerily familiar murders begin to take place in and near Sunset Cove. Will Naomi ever be free of her father’s despicable legacy?

Nora Roberts has done it again in her latest novel, The Obsession. Tracing Naomi’s tale from that fateful night at 12 years old, from her teenage years in New York City, to her new life in Sunset Cove, Roberts weaves a compelling and suspenseful story. Roberts has created some amazing characters in this particular novel, from the fierce and strong Naomi to the sweetly tough Xander. I also loved Naomi’s uncles, Seth and Harry, who protected her and gave her family shelter after her father’s crimes were exposed. And her brother, Mason, turned what was meant for evil to something good as an FBI agent investigating serial crimes. Even the perspectives of the criminals in this novel were expertly written, all contributing to a story you won’t soon forget. If you love Nora Roberts, you’ll love this suspenseful story!

Note: This novel does contain some language, sex and graphic content. Some of the scenes from the murderer’s point of view are disturbing.

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