Our TV show recaps are back and this time around we will be covering the new FOX comedy, New Girl!

Written by Meg M.

In New Girl, we meet quirky but beautiful Jess Day when she is interviewing to become the fourth inhabitant of an apartment shared by Nick, Schmidt and Winston. Hesitant to let a girl into the mix, the three men change their minds when they discover that Jess’ friends are models.

But we discover that, for the most part, these guys are anything but shallow. When they realize that Jess is immersing herself in a post-breakup Dirty Dancing marathon that may push her over the edge, they encourage her to jump back into the dating world. And when her first attempt doesn’t turn out as anyone hoped, the three guys come to her rescue, ending the episode by her side.

As expected, Zooey Deschanel is delightful as Jess. And while the quirky wardrobe and large glasses are a bit much, they certainly communicate that she is a somewhat nerdy (but beautiful) teacher who’s been unlucky in love.

It’s a shame that Damon Wayans Jr. only shot the pilot, and will be replaced since he is now on the popular ABC series, Happy Endings. He was hilarious as the athletic tough-love spouting Winston. Thankfully secret romantic Nick (who’s still not over his former love) and ladies’ man Schmidt are here to stay regardless of who replaces Wayans.

Did you catch the premiere on Tuesday? What are your thoughts? Is it a must-watch this season?

New Girl airs Tuesday nights at 9 pm on Fox.

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