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Reviewed by Jenna Arthur

He lurks in your dreams. He finds a way inside and does things to your mind, body, and soul that only the sickest of psychopaths could dream of. Such are the nightmares of Kendra, an FBI agent and mystery solver unlike any other you’ve ever known. Kendra has a keenness all her own. Once blind, Kendra learned to hone her senses, living by sound, smell, touch, and voice. Unlike others in Kendra’s field, Kendra could read a person by using every sense available to her, being able to tell where you’ve been and what you’ve done a week, an hour, etc. ago. But her keen intuition was not aiding her in proving that her number one enemy, the man of her darkest dreams, Colby, was still alive.

Colby killed for fun. He tortured, maimed, and acted in a maniacal fashion simply because he could. Taunting and luring Kendra had become Colby’s drug of choice until Kendra caught him, sending him to death row and ultimately what everyone, except Kendra, thought his death. Now, Kendra must convince everyone around her that he is out there before it is too late. Colby comes out of the woodwork, sending her, her friend Eve’s sister Beth, her contacts, and friends on a wild goose chase through bodies, threats, and clues to Colby. Can Kendra best Colby before everyone she loves dies? Will her intuition save her against a man determined to ruin her, torture her, kill her? You must read to find out.

Iris and Roy Johansen dive deep into character development in this story, allowing you to really get to know each character individually, as well as how each reacts and is interconnected to one another. Kendra’s relationship with Colby is eerie and well written, giving you the grip you need to really grasp onto the story line. With a well written cat and mouse intrigue, highly developed characters, and a gripping main and sub-plot, The Naked Eye is a great addition to the Johansen’s repertoire and a good read for crime, mystery, and thriller lover’s alike. A real 4 out of 5. Enjoy!

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Jenna lives in the bustling city of Pittsburgh with her wife and furry children. She loves to cook, watch movies, and looks for inspiration in every book she reads.

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