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Romance readers usually know what they’re getting: woman meets man, problems arise, communication fails, friends/enemies intervene, problem is solved. A happy ending is expected and in nearly every case, the woman succumbs to the man’s love-making/seduction talents. Sometimes there is suspense or a murder or some evil-doing father or brother. But the happy ending is assured.

Candace Camp’s third volume in the Legend of St. Dwynwen trilogy follows the requirements. In The Marrying Season, Genevieve Stafford and her brother, Alec’s, friend, Sir Myles Thorwood are attending Alec’s wedding. Genevieve notices that Myles is flirting as usual with two women and she frowns in disapproval. Miss Stafford is nothing if not disapproving of Myles and his charms. In fact, they always seem to disagree about nearly everything. Genevieve is under pressure to marry, having reached the old age of twenty-five. She prays to St. Dwynwen (the Welsh patron saint of love) to send her a husband.

Enter Lord Dursbury who is so well-bred and responsible that Genevieve is struck dumb when he appears immediately after her fervent prayer. In no time at all they become engaged. Myles cannot believe it. Eventually Genevieve can’t believe how boring her fiance becomes –along with most of his friends. She is also suspicious of Lady Dursbury who shows unladylike interest in Myles. Lady Rawdon, Genevieve’s grandmother, points out that interest to Genevieve and she is oddly affected by the news.

Alas, the engagement is not meant to be and after Genevieve is caught up in a compromising situation, Lord Dursbury breaks off their union-to-be. Genevieve defends herself and Myles comes to her rescue by draping his jacket over her shoulders. In the ensuing hours they all dither with the situation when the only obvious course of action is a marriage between a reluctant Genevieve and a strangely affected Myles. The two have been set up, however, who and why is not questioned.

At a fair with the main characters in attendance, the truth about Genevieve compromising situation finally comes out, Genevieve finally declares she loves Myles and confronts the guilty party, much to Myles’ amazement and satisfaction. 

The plot device is much used; still, it is a charming story and the love between the two develops in a satisfactory manner. There isn’t much new in this one, but it passes the time well enough.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

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