Reviewed by Jennifer J.

Grace Divine gave up her soul to save her boyfriend, Daniel Kalbi, at the end of The Dark Divine. In the sequel The Lost Saint, Grace must learn to control the will of the wolf that is battling for control in her body. At first, Daniel, who appears to be 100% human after Grace’s sacrifice, is training Grace to keep the wolf dormant. But because she catches Daniel in several lies and suspects him of being dishonest with her, Grace turns to the mysteriously sexy Talbot to take over her training.

A gang of supernaturals called the Shadow Kings is destroying Grace’s town, and she wants to stop it. With her father mostly absent while he searches for her wayward brother, Grace puts her trust in Talbot. Mysterious text messages and blog comments that can only be from her brother Jude warn her away from an unnamed individual, but surely they can’t mean Talbot. Grace thought she could trust Daniel, but he doesn’t seem the same anymore. And if Grace can’t trust her one true love, who can she trust?

I love the paranormal genre, but werewolves have always been one of the least interesting supernatural creatures to me. That said, I do recommend Bree Despain’s Divine series. I love the story arc involving Gabriel, and hope that he’ll be an even bigger presence in the follow up to The Lost Saint. It was hard being in Grace’s head for this book, though. I was really frustrated with both Grace and Daniel, and fully expected them to break up by the end because of Talbot. There was so much unnecessary drama between them, from jealousy and insecurity to matters of basic trust. In The Dark Divine, they had a very different relationship and the Daniel in that book was much more likable. For a paranormal series, Bree Despain’s books are relatively clean and are age appropriate for younger paranormal readers.

The Lost Saint ends with a total cliffhanger, which will have me waiting impatiently until the next book. I’ll definitely be scouring the internet for a teaser chapter just as soon as there is one to read!

Rating: 3/5

Jennifer graduated from the University of Utah with a BA in English. She occasionally dabbles with her own fiction writing, particularly with the Young Adult and Paranormal genres. She currently resides in Utah with her husband and daughter.

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