the lost gift book coverReviewed by Richard Wisniewski

With the holiday season finally here, it’s that time of the year where everyone is discovering what gifts to get the little ones. Well, author Kallie George put together the perfect Christmas package, The Lost Gift. Prepare for an adventure about service, giving and the essence of joy!

The Lost Gift is bound to reach immense success upon its release. It’s an adorable, fun and interactive book between the reader and the children. In my opinion, anyone who has the opportunity to read this book is going to be floored with the story line, the characters and the message. For teachers and parents, the book is easy to read and guide the children along. The sizing of the words is perfect for any teacher reading to a large class of children. With multiple characters ranging from a rabbit to a bird, from a deer to a squirrel, there is an animal each child will love. On top of this, each animal has a unique personality that creates of a truly magical and unique experience!

The story and adventure begins when the animals believe they spot Santa Clause flying in the sky. On his path to delivering presents, the animals see a present falling from Santa’s sleigh. With her fast instincts, the bird flaps her wings over to the present. Upon delivering the gift, the animals learn a very valuable lesson. In life, joy is not necessarily in the physical gift but rather the joy in others and the art of giving. In return for giving back the gift, all of the animals received their own personal gift from Santa.

The Lost Gift provides the perfect opportunity for children to read along–if they don’t get lost in the beautifully illustrated images! In my opinion, it was a beautiful read inside and out. I would recommend this as the perfect Christmas gift for a young child.

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