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Reviewed by Vera Pereskokova (Luxury Reading)

When authorities first raided Michael Vick’s home in rural Virginia, the NFL player claimed that he had simply allowed the wrong people to take advantage of him, and that had no knowledge of the dog fighting on the premises. Despite the mounting evidence, – buried dog carcasses, testimony by the gardener who witnessed the horrific treatment of dogs, blood splatters all over the room used as the fighting pit, and so on – Vick continued to proclaim his innocence. Only when his business partners spilled all the facts in the hopes of getting reduced sentences did Vick realize that he was backed into a corner.

The bust of the dog fighting operation on Vick’s property was the result of cooperation between state and federal authorities; it was the result of hard work by people who refused to give up and pushed on in spite of the obstacles. Because of Vick’s notoriety, the case also received intense media coverage and brought much needed attention to the plight of dogs involved in such operations. Because of Vick’s wealth, the fine he was forced to pay gave his dogs another chance at life, whereas most fighting dogs are usually euthanized.

I was hesitant to read the The Lost Dogs by Jim Gorant. I love animals, and reading about the cruelty they have to endure at the hands of people like Vick is sometimes too much to bear. However, The Lost Dogs was so well written and so sensitive to the subject matter that I can honestly say it was one of my favorite books this year.

[amazonify]1592405509[/amazonify]Yes, The Lost Dogs is about dog fighting and all that that entails, but graphic descriptions are sparse and are by no means the focal point of the book. One third of the book is spent discussing the events leading up to the bust, the investigation and the ensuing ramifications for Vick and his friends. The rest of The Lost Dogs is dedicated to the dogs that were rescued and their journey back from the hell that they experienced. Ultimately, the book is one of hope and a tribute to the people who dedicated their hearts and their time to helping these dogs survive.

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