Reviewed by Jennifer R.

The Last Surgeon is Michael Palmer’s latest medical thriller. This book kept me intrigued and creeped out at the same time! A psychopathic serial killer is out to get random victims in the name of “work” for which he is highly compensated. The killer has medical skills of his own which only compound his ability to senselessly murder innocent people and, yet, keep himself clear of any accusations.

Meanwhile, Dr. Nick Garrity, a young war vet suffering from a severe case of post traumatic stress disorder is running a mobile health clinic to help those with less resources receive the medical care they need. Nick is battling with the demons of PTSD on a daily basis. His situation is made worse by the fact that his best friend, Umberto Vasquez, who also saved his life from a suicide bomber, mysteriously disappeared four years ago. Nick makes it his mission to find Vasquez as he feels he owes his life to this man.

In the midst of the story, Nick meets Jillian Coates, a psychiatric nurse, who is investigating her sister’s recent death — a death that was ruled suicide but which Jillian believes was, in fact, murder. Her investigation leads her to Dr. Nick Garrity and in order to help her find out what really happened to her sister, she has to help Nick solve the mystery of Umberto’s disappearance. Using her inside connections at the hospital, they race to find out what happened to their loved ones before they are targeted by the killer.

The Last Surgeon was another great thriller by the prolific author, Michael Palmer. It was a horrifying but smart mix of murder and medicine and I found myself completely disgusted and creeped out by the killer. The reader knows who the killer is and what he is doing from the very beginning. The mystery lies in trying to find out who hired him and why he’s killing these people. The creepiness is in the fact that this character is completely evil and soulless and enjoys using his knowledge of medicine to kill.

I found myself sometimes frustrated by Nick’s inability to live his life fully due to his PTSD, but that frustration may have lent to the credibility and “realness” of his character. There were one or two things about the storyline that I thought were sort of convenient, – such as the person behind the secret company, Jericho – but they still made sense in the storyline. All things considered, I really enjoyed this thriller. It had mystery, action, thrills, and a little dash of romance. Any fan of this genre will enjoy The Last Surgeon!

Jenny is a social worker in her late twenties who lives with her husband and Jack Russell Terrier in the central Florida area. In her “free” time she loves reading books of all genres. She also reviews books on her book blog TakeMeAway.

Review copy was provided free of any obligation by Michael Palmer. No monetary or any other form of compensation was received.