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Reviewed by Vera Pereskokova (Luxury Reading)

Following the success of her Lancaster County Secrets books, Suzanne Woods Fisher is back with more Amish themed fiction in her new Stony Ridge Seasons series.

After the death of her mother, Julia Lapp had to grow up fast in order to help her father with her younger siblings. Since her father’s heart problems took a turn for the worse, she also took over responsibilities around the farm. Despite the hardships, Julia loves her life in the Stony Ridge Amish community, and hopes to start her own family with Paul Fisher, whom she’s dreamt of marrying since she was a little girl.

When Paul delays their wedding – for the second time – Julia knows just whom to blame: Roman Troyer, the Bee Man. Roman is an oddity in the Amish community: he is a wanderer who travels year round renting out his bees, with no attachments or a place to call home. In Julia’s mind, he’s also a shameless flirt who corrupts other young men into cancelling their engagements.

Julia is determined to make things right with Paul, but things may work out a bit differently than she’s always envisioned…

I’ve read some Amish fiction before, and to me, The Keeper was different in that the Amish way of life was not really in the forefront. There were some mentions of the differences – driving buggies, no phones in homes, etc., – but overall the Lapps could have been any regular family living in any rural town. In some ways, I found this approach appealing since it allowed me to concentrate on the family dynamics instead of fixating on the lack of modern conveniences.

The Keeper is a heart warming story and the love between the characters in the book is readily apparent on every page. Fisher’s new book will appeal greatly to fans of Amish fiction, and cozy fiction in general.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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