1579623115.01._SS250_SS250_SCLZZZZZZZ_Reviewed by Claudia Robinson

“I lie on my bed for a time until all the light goes out of the day and I begin to write. I’m desperate to finish now, I need to finish this before I leave, so that these stories and people remain here in the desert, perhaps where they belong, among the stones, and rocks, and cracks, to rest here, so that they reside somewhere at least; and maybe with time they will become less sharp, less glaring, kinder and more forgiving.” – Avi

Avi Goldberg fills the long hours of his jail term, earned for refusing to fight for his country in the Military, by writing about his Israeli friend, Saleem, eager to share the tale of his friend’s life, the loss of their home, and the broken heart of his Grandmother. Through Saleem and based as well, on his own past, Avi is all too aware of the pain and resentment that living in the past, ruminating on it, can bring. Both men share a desire to move forward, to extricate themselves from the hurts and experiences of their families, to create new lives, new spaces in the world where the past no longer casts long, dark, cold shadows, and despite their differences, cultural, and otherwise, they manage to forge a fierce bond and strong friendship. When War breaks out, and Saleem is lost to Avi forever, their lives become fused and intertwined, in ways Avi never could have expected, thanks to one very special woman.

Between Avi’s poetically penned narrative of Saleem’s life, and letters exchanged between Avi’s estranged parents, about him and his life, readers are given a detailed portrait of the life of two very different men, their worlds, their loves, their cultures and moral compasses. Set in the Mountains of Galilee, unfamiliar territory to most readers, Emma McEvoy skillfully manages to immerse her readers in to the land. The tastes, the scents, the customs, feel vibrant and alive penned by her hand.

The Inbetween People is an expertly woven story of life, the search for belonging somewhere, finding a forever home, and family, and the similarity of the heart’s true desires, underneath different skin, of all mankind. The Inbetween People is a small book that packs a powerful punch. Not a quick read, ironically, despite it’s thin spine, but deep, intimate and decadent, and fleshy with personality, rich characters, heartfelt scenarios, and lush landscape descriptives. A perfect balmy beach day read for anyone seeking substance over length.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Claudia lives on beautiful Cape Cod with her husband and two children.

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