the heiresses book coverReviewed by Carrie Ardoin

The Heiresses was a little Kardashians meets Gossip Girl with elements of a whodunit mystery thrown in for good measure. Usually, this type of book wouldn’t appeal to me, but getting to know the Saybrook heiresses was quickly intriguing, and I had to find out why this seemingly perfect family seemed to have a curse surrounding them.

The Saybrooks are that one family who is rich beyond measure and always seems to be in the public eye (Kardashian-esque, right?). The family owns a large jewelry corporation, and there are five young ladies who stand to take over the business and inherit it all. The five cousins couldn’t be any more different but all four look up to oldest cousin, Poppy. Poppy has always been the portrait of poise, kindness, and grace–so why does end she end up murdered, the latest victim of the Saybrook curse?

The reader gets to know the four remaining Saybrook heiresses through short chapters with rotating points of view. Rowan is a lawyer, businesslike and perpetually single. Corinne is planning a wedding to a man she thought she was in love with, until someone from her past comes back into her world. Aster, Corinne’s sister, is a wild child party girl, but she has to put her childish ways aside when the family becomes targeted. Natasha, the youngest, has disinherited herself and distanced herself from the family, but comes back when she hears about Poppy’s death. Though these women are family, they definitely don’t always get along, and ugly secrets tend to come to light when they all get together.

A mystery does lie at the heart of the plot, but the most fascinating part of reading was getting to know each woman individually. That doesn’t mean each of them was likable though. More than once, they would make bad decisions or just not care about the consequences of what they did. A couple of the girls are young–that doesn’t really excuse them but it makes the things they do more understandable.

I can honestly say that when the truth came out about the murders and everything else, I didn’t see it coming. I did not suspect the true murderer at all! This is a sign of good writing, and the fact that the reader and the Saybrook girls suspect nearly everyone BUT this person is pretty amazing.

The Heiresses does have several unanswered questions which I won’t spoil, but the ending of the book seems to imply that it will be the first in a series. I feel like this isn’t necessary, simply because the market is overflooded with series right now but I will probably be adding the next book to my reading list anyway.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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