cover-the-heirReviewed by Amanda Farmer

The Heir is the third and final book in Deborah Hill’s Kingsland Series. The series has focused on Elijah and Molly Merrick’s legacy and their descendants throughout the years. The Heir is about Emily Merrick and her son, Steven, and their ongoing family feud with the Bradleys. This is the story of how Steven rises above his step-father’s cruel and controlling ways and gets even with him, and becomes a true Merrick. He inherits Kingsland from his grandmother and begins to make his own way without his step-father having any say in his life. He brings his family to live at Kingsland when he is once again passed by for another promotion. They easily adapt to the Cape Cod way of life and rent out rooms of Kingland to vacationers for extra money. Steven finds himself drawn to the sea and goes in with several men, and together they purchase a vessel to take out vacationers during the summer. Steven has liked being out on the sea since he was a child. He does what all Merricks do and has an affair and leaves his wife. Steven also comes to terms with Alice Bradley and her part in the Merrick family history. At least Steven wasn’t afraid of hard work unlike some of his earlier descendants, although he was still afraid of what society would think of him.

I had a hard time connecting with any of the characters in this story. I found them to be selfish and self absorbed. The Heir is just like the first two in the series; at least Ms. Hill was consistent with her writing and the story lines. There was a good deal more history in this book than the other two but I did not find that it added to the story or characters. The story seemed to drag on for me unfortunately. I had to keep forcing myself to keep reading to finish the story, and I hate to do that.

I have a hard time recommending this series to others to read.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

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