the hatching book coverReviewed by Jenna Arthur

When the world comes face to face with an ancient species, will it be able to survive? In The Hatching, Ezekiel Boone instantly captures our attention with the story of a hiking trip gone terribly wrong in Peru. A small group of hikers venture deep into the Peruvian forest hoping for the the trip of a lifetime, which is exactly what they get. The hikers are ravaged by a black mass, an ancient species only looking for one thing, to feed.

This ancient species of spider is ravenous, unlike anything anyone has seen before and it quickly spreads from Peru across the globe devouring everything in its path.

Boone takes us on a ride, from city to city, and country to country, giving us glimpses of the power and horror these creatures bring to the inhabitants.

Boone shows us rivers of black in India, where people are being massacred, faces being eaten, bodies annihilated by these eight legged beasts, bombs going off in China that humans are unable to overcome.

Throughout the chapters, he introduces a smattering of unmemorable characters, the most fascinating being the etymologist, Melanie, one of the first important characters in the story, who receives a package from Peru to find the inevitable inside. She sets out to stop these creatures but can she? Who will come to her aid?

The characters, though well thought out, seemingly blend together, with the story of the spiders and their destruction being the book’s main focus. Character focus, though normally of the utmost importance, is not necessary for this plot to achieve what it sets out to accomplish–extreme horror. The freakish nature of the fear factor and carnage within the story makes this novel a wonderful addition to the horror-monster genre. Readers will want to crawl under their covers and hide but will not be able to look away from the creepy crawly that is The Hatching. You will never look at another spider the same again.

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