the god thought book coverReviewed by Holly Madison

The God Thought is a very unusual type of book…  in a good way. More than just a sci-fi book or a thriller, this book delves into the fantasy world of what could happen if human beings were just a little bit more than human, but not so different that it couldn’t actually happen.

First of all, I love the cover. As a book cover artist, I found it to be stunning and it really made me want to read the book. It’s also very fitting for the theme of the book and what you can expect inside of it.

The first part of the book did a great job at sucking me in with snippets of social media conversations on the main character, Oliver’s, page. You instantly start to read from his friends about his loss of his wife and child in an explosion while they were on an airplane above Kansas, and how they are grieving for their friend. Then a stranger comes into the picture, posting weird things under the name of “Whisper”. It seems like the unusual comments are just a prank, but the person keeps entering the conversation after being banned. Then Oliver goes off grid for a while to recover from his loss.

During his time of recovery, Oliver is faced with two possible paths he could follow: one allows him to go on living his life in the world he has always known; the other is the road less traveled, which will open up an entirely new world to him. While exploring this “less traveled” path, he learns that the explosion which killed his family is not quite what it seems. Instead of being caused by a fertilizer plant (which is, in fact, far away from where the center of the explosion actually happened), it is caused by one person. A person who formed the perfect thought… a thought so powerful that it actually caused the fabric of reality to shift, and a powerful explosion to occur. This person is referred to as the “farmer” and his true identity is an ongoing mystery in the book. Is he a person? Is he God? Is he Oliver himself?  Whoever he is, his thought is what the author refers to as “The God Thought”. And it isn’t limited to only the farmer.

Throughout the book we find out that there are other people with the same ability, including Oliver himself. We also are introduced to a secret organization which is deeply involved in conspiracy and knowledge, and we meet new characters along the way with powers of their own. This book almost reminds me of the TV show Heroes, but with a different sort of feel and a more powerful, interesting vibe to it. More sci-fi, less super-hero, and more reality-based.

Some people are good, some people are bad, and some people are something in between. All of these people are interesting, and most of them are likable.

The end of the book is a cliffhanger, which makes me really want to read more. I can’t wait to see what Dave Cravens comes up with next… this really has the potential to become a fantastic series with almost limitless roads it can branch out into.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Holly has a Bachelors degree in Environmental Science and owns a small business with her husband selling fleece and hand-spun yarn. When she is not spinning yarn, she does freelance work as a graphic design artist and is highly involved in animal rescue.

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