Reviewed by Poppy Johnson

In The Fun of Dying, the author, Roberta Grimes, relates that there are two schools of thought regarding death: one theory focuses on the material and another on the spiritual. Grimes sees death as an opportunity for transition, and encourages the reader to stop being afraid of death.

Grimes relies on both science and religion to find answers to this difficult topic. She also uses quotes from Jesus, who she calls by his Aramaic name “Yeshua.” One third of the book is taken up with the author’s appendices, which offer study guides for extensive discussion of the book after it is read.

Grimes offers real lessons on loving and forgiving, and finding inner peace. She states that there is no proof of hell or a devil, and she says that there are levels of awareness and spiritual levels that constitute a Celestial Level (heaven) which is unattainable by any “near death” experience. In short, one can only get to the highest level of existence by actually dying, and that those who have come back from near death experiences are offering their information, but it can only serve as a guide, not the final word on the topic of what really happens when a person dies.

According to Grimes, death is an illusion, one that she calls “Summerland,” and which will be a different experience for each individual. She suggests the following: some dead people do attend their own funerals; dying offers no eternal wisdom for the dead; Summerland has a temperate climate year round; the dead appear at a chosen age, dress and social status to themselves, and the colors visible in Summerland are outside of our visible light spectrum.

The Fun of Dying is for anyone interested in learning more about death, and the varying opinions that exist on the topic.

Rating: 4/5

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