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About the book

The First Husband, from author Laura Dave whose novels have been optioned for film by Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, explores how we choose our partners and whether we can trust that choice once we’ve made it. In preparation for writing the book Dave interviewed countless subjects, from psychologists to the people next door, about the new nature of commitment and the best indicators that a marriage is going to work.

Annie Adams finally had her life on track: her blossoming career allowed her to travel the globe, and she had a comfortable home in Los Angeles with her live-in boyfriend, Nick, solid friends, and a great dog. Out of nowhere, Nick takes advice from a life coach and tells Annie he needs a break and moves out. A few days after Nick’s untimely exit, Annie drags herself to a local restaurant where she meets a chef, Griffin, the sort of man she never thought she’d fall for. Three months later, Griffin asks Annie to marry him and start a new life together in rural Massachusetts—forcing Annie to ask the question: can we start our lives again?

With The First Husband, Laura Dave delivers a deeply honest, funny and wise story about a woman torn between her husband and the love of her life.

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