Reviewed by Erin N.

During the reign of King George I, seven elves from the world of Elfhame captured and ruled England through the use of peculiar magic and sacred scepters. They carved up the island between them, each dominating a region to use as his or her own domain.

Years of dominance caused the country to be filled with half breed children of various magical abilities and a populous who feared and resented the Elven lords. Out of the ashes of the old regime, a secret rebellion formed; a rebellion that pinned their hope upon a young woman to be sold in marriage to the Elven Fire Lord’s bastard son, Dominic.

Lady Cassandra, of half Elven stock herself, attended the best private boarding schools the region had to offer and was taught the Elven art of death dancing for the sole purpose of assassinating the mad elf that wields black fire magic. What she wasn’t taught was how to not fall in love with her seemingly emotionless half-breed husband.

General Dominic Raikes, half-breed champion for his father, the Imperial Lord of Firehame, Mor’ded, learned to hide his emotions and the depth of his fire magic abilities. His father, a sadistic elf, ruled Dominic through the use of torture; not only of Dominic as a child but of those that he loved and cared for. To protect others, Dominic vowed to never show his emotions nor care for another being as long as he lived. What he didn’t count on is that the one woman who could get under his cold exterior would be placed in his bed. What he also did not count on is that she might also be his, and England’s, savior.

[amazonify]1402236522[/amazonify]The first book in the series entitled The Elven Lords by Kathryne Kennedy, The Fire Lord’s Lover, proved to be an enchanting, provocative story that blended all the best elements of the fantasy and romance genres. Kennedy weaved a bewitching world using historical figures and mythologies beloved by fantasy readers through the ages. The second book in the series, The Lady of the Storm, is currently in production.

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