Reviewed by Meg Massey

Amelia DeVries is a talented violinist who has traveled to Philadelphia to play a concert. On her way home to Ohio, she encounters car trouble in a storm, and seeks refuge in a barn outside of Lancaster. To her surprise, she encounters a young Amish man, Michael Hostetler, in the barn. Michael helps Amelia, and the two form an instant friendship, speaking easily about their lives and their dreams. And when Michael takes Amelia to his home of Hickory Hollow to meet his friends and family, Amelia finds herself drawn to their simple way of life, and their faith.

Beverly Lewis has done it again with The Fiddler, a well-written tale about two people from very different worlds who find themselves in difficult positions. Amelia is pressured by her father to be a classical violinist, but she desires to have a life and family of her own. And Michael feels pressured, particularly by his father, to join the Amish church, but he desires to go out into the world and pursue a career in architecture. As their relationship builds, both find themselves wondering if their bond is becoming more than a friendship. But do their different worlds ultimately serve to build a wall between them?

If you enjoy Amish fiction, you’ll love this tale. Supporting characters Joanna and Elizabeth add depth to the unfolding drama, and I can’t help but wonder if the next book in the series will focus on one of these two young ladies. As always, I can’t wait to see what Lewis comes up with next.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Meg lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, Ryan. Library professional by day, freelance writer by night, Meg writes about life, entertainment and everything in between on her blog.

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