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Written by Meg M.

Last week on The Event, a plane heading directly toward a presidential garden party suddenly disappeared into a strange blue light.

In the beginning of the second episode of the season, viewers saw the disappearance from the perspective of those on the plane. When Sean emerges from a crash landing, he finds that they are in the middle of the desert. Once all of the passengers are off of the plane, he locates Leila’s father Michael, and Michael tells Sean that Leila and his other daughter have been taken, and that Vicky, the young woman from the cruise, is somehow involved. Scott Patterson delivers a powerful performance, revealing that he hijacked the plane only because he was desperate to save the lives of his two daughters.

Suddenly helicopters appear on the scene, and the passengers begin to exclaim that they are saved. Michael, however, knows that something is going on, and urges Sean to run. He’s the only hope for Leila now.

Meanwhile, we discover that the President learned of the true nature of Sophia and her people over 13 months ago in a briefing. These people are extra-terrestrial, displaying a 1% difference in their DNA from that of humans. They crashed in Alaska in 1944, and have not appeared to age since the incident. They were detained by the government, as we know, and this is who the President has released.

We suddenly flash back to Sean, who has collapsed due to dehydration and awakens in a hospital. He learns that he is in Arizona, and begins to share his story with the nurse. Thinking that he is simply delirious, she calls the police at his insistence, and discovers that he has been accused of killing Greg, the man he met on the cruise. In a flashback, we discover that the man who orchestrated Leila’s kidnapping killed Greg, posing as cruise ship security, and disappearing with a drugged Leila.

As police arrive at the hospital, Sean sees them and realizes they are there to capture him. He runs off, but does not get very far, and is taken into custody by two FBI agents. As they drive back into the desert, they come to a spot where the road is block. While the agents are told that a truck accident is blocking the road, Sean begins to recognize his surroundings. He tells the agents that the plane crash occurred just over the mountains, and they look at him incredulously. They begin to turn around, and Sean watches in horror as his chance to prove his story slips away.

Over the hill, just as Sean believed, we watch as CIA agent Simon Lee arrives at the scene of the crash. Just before his arrival, we discover that Simon Lee is one of Sophia’s people; an extra-terrestrial who managed to escape and immerse himself into society. In a meeting with another well-hidden member of his people, he discovers the location of the missing plane. Simon, however, is not prepared for what he finds at the crash site: the 200 passengers (including Leila’s father) are all dead, strewn across the desert.

So now we must ask ourselves, did these extra-terrestrials save the President (or Sophia) only to kill 200 innocent passengers? Are the passengers really dead? Are Leila’s captors involved with these beings? Or is there something else at work here that we have not seen?

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