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Written by Meg M.

This week’s episode of The Event opens with a frazzled Sean tending to an injured Agent Collier in a hotel room. How did they get there? Well you can bet that in true Event fashion, you’re about to find out in a flashback.

We discover that two hours earlier, when the agents and Sean were re-directed to another highway, an RV behind them failed to stop, colliding with the agent’s car, killing Agent Hobbes and the police officer who told them about the detour.

Sean tries to convince Agent Collier to allow him to search for Vicky’s photo in the Federal database, but she insists that they can only log in at her office. Thus when Agent Collier sets Sean up to be captured, he evades the FBI, and stows away in her vehicle, giving him an opportunity to return to her office and search for the woman who participated in his girlfriend’s kidnapping. When he does find Vicky in the database, he discovers that she has multiple identities. When discovered by Agent Collier, he reveals what he has found, and suddenly it seems that the agent is starting to believe his story.

Meanwhile, the President views the casualties of the plane crash, and asks Sophia for answers. Once again, she won’t talk, but another man from the prison steps forward, willing to reveal the truth for a price. He wants freedom, money and his girlfriend to be released as well. But when she comes to him, she turns on him, stabbing to him to prevent him from talking to the President and his advisors.

In a private moment, Simon Lee speaks with Sophia, and tells her what Thomas has done to the passengers on the plane. Clearly surprised, Sophia tells Simon that Thomas must be dealt with, harshly. This leads us to another question: is Thomas now acting on his own, or is Sophia really a part of his plot?

U.S. Marshals turn up at Agent Collier’s office, claiming to be there to transfer Sean to Washington. But Sean’s story has begun to resonate with Agent Collier, prompting her to call Washington to confirm the transfer. When they men realize she is calling Washington, they attack, killing the majority of the people in the building. But she and Sean manage to escape, going on the run once again.

In the final moments of the episode, a young officer is watching over the bodies of those involved in the plane crash. Suddenly, he hears one of them breathing. And as we watch, all of them start waking up, as if they were only sleeping.

Were the passengers ever dead? And why did the informant’s girlfriend turn on him? What does Vicky have to do with Sophia’s people? Is she one of them? At this point in the season, we can safely say that this is only the beginning of a larger plan that will turn these people’s lives upside down.

Find out next week on The Event, airing on Monday at 9 pm on NBC.

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