Meg M., our resident TV show reviewer, has been busy previewing shows like Sister Wives, No Ordinary Family and Law & Order: Los Angeles. The one show that really caught her eye was The Event, and she will be discussing the episodes right here at Luxury Reading each week.  The Event premiered on NBC on Monday, September 20th.

Written by Meg M.

NBC’s The Event opened as promised…with a bang.

The premiere episode was displayed in fragments, opening on a scene where the ground appeared to be shaking beneath a formal lunch or dinner event. Suddenly the viewer is taken into a plane with a nervous Sean Walker, who pulls a gun and tries to get into the cockpit.

We find that days earlier, Sean was enjoying a cruise with his girlfriend, Leila. After meeting two strangers, things start to feel strange. Leila becomes ill after a drunken night with their new friends, and when Sean returns to their hotel room to check on her, he finds that she is missing. When he inquires about why his key won’t work, he discovers that the ship has no record of either of them being on board.

Suddenly we flash forward to Sean explaining his actions on the plane to a U.S. Marshall. He explains that he knows the man in the cockpit is planning to crash the plane. How does he know a terrorist? Because the man flying the plane is the man he hoped would become his father-in-law. Leila’s mother has been killed, and Leila and her younger sister have been taken. Now, Leila’s father will do anything to have his kidnapped daughters returned to him, including crashing a plane full of innocent passengers.

Meanwhile, President Elias Martinez is brand-new to the office, and in one of his first acts as President, he is approving the release of detainees from a secret military installation in Alaska. We discover that he appears to be close friends with the leader of this group of detainees, a mysterious woman by the name of Sophia.

In the final moments of the episode, when a plane is heading full speed toward the President and the unexplainable happens, Sophia looks at him and offers a simple explanation: “I haven’t told you everything.”

The Event certainly hasn’t told its new viewers everything, but that’s part of the appeal. While we don’t know what led up to Sean’s arrival on his would-be father-in-law’s plane, we do know that the shocking final moment of the episode is just the beginning of a long list of questions that are sure to be posed in response to this exciting new series.

Tune in next week on Monday at 9pm EST on NBC. Did you miss last night’s episode? Catch it on NBC.com. The pilot episode will also be replayed this Saturday at 8pm EST on NBC, as well as 11pm EST on USA. On Monday, the 27th, the pilot episode will be played at 8pm EST on a variety of channels like Syfy, Bravo and Oxygen.

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