Reviewed by Melanie K.

Michael O’Connor is a career criminal. It started when he was thirteen and got caught after stealing a can of peaches. His mother held a gun to his head and informed him that if he jeopardized her support check ever again, she would kill him.

Leaving home and living on his own, Michael perfected the art of breaking into homes and taking whatever he wanted. He was excellent at it until he broke into the District Attorney’s home and all hell broke loose. Turned in by the friend he sold the D.A.’s credit cards to, he was sentenced to hard time in state prison. During transportation to the prison, Michael is shot in the head by hijackers attempting to free another prisoner.

Waking up after four years in a coma, Michael is relieved to find out that the entire system has been revamped and that there are no more prisons. However, reality sets in quickly as he is introduced to his Reeducation Counselor, Relationship Counselor, Employment Counselor and a long line of many others who are there to help him change the way he lives his life.

[amazonify]097677884X[/amazonify]Just as Michael finally stops trying to find a way to get out of the situation, he begins feels bad for his Reeducation Counselor Wendell and the conspiracy that he feels surrounds him. Michael tries desperately to solve the conspiracy and provide the proof to Wendell so that he can make it right. Unfortunately, the conspiracy is very real and it is waged against him, not Wendell.

The End of Marking Time had me questioning our justice system and wondering if CJ West was, in fact, on to something here. I completely related to Michael’s testing of the system in the beginning and found humor in his antics. The entire novel is written with Michael speaking to you; I found this aspect extremely appealing and the climax at the end left me stunned and almost broken hearted. All in all, I highly recommend this story to everyone and look forward to reading more by CJ West in the near future.

Review and giveaway copies were provided free of any obligation by CJ West. No monetary or any other form of compensation was received.