Reviewed by Melanie Kline

Nicole wants so desperately to be in love that she finds it everywhere. She justifies everything that is wrong with her relationships to convince herself that not only is she in love, but so is the guy. A one night stand for a guy becomes marriage plans for Nicole.

Roxanne is Nicole’s best friend and hasn’t had a date in over two years. Nicole convinces Roxanne to give men another shot and begin dating and in return she will seriously date men – not just sleep with them and begin making plans for the future.

Nicole’s life is fast paced with one near disaster after another and I wasn’t really surprised to find out that the dumpster for her building had been moved to sit directly under her bedroom window. She and her friends have great fun with this although she is appalled at the stench and begins calling and petitioning the building manager, Rick, to have it moved. Rick, on the other hand, finds Nicole hysterically amusing and especially so after overhearing a phone call where she refers to him as “Rick the Dick” while still mentioning that she wants to sleep with him.

I was seriously worried about reading The Dumpster: One Woman’s Search for Love after being disappointed with the last Becky Due book, The Gentlemen’s Club. I was thrilled to find that this was exactly the kind of perky, fun, and entertaining tale that I had expected it to be and then some. You can’t help but love Nicole and wish that you had a friend just like her. The Dumpster was a fabulous read and I would highly recommend it.

Rating: 5/5

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