Reviewed by April Kirkland

The Dirt is a written from Lucy Whitley’s perspective. Lucy is a frizzy-haired science nerd constantly overlooked by her family and tortured by her older sister Sloane, the head of a secret group called the PGs. Although, it looks like Lucy’s life is about to get better. Her dad is getting remarried and she gets to go away to boarding school in Connecticut, far away from the cruelty of the PGs and the constant desert gossip about the Whitley family scandal. That is, until an unexpected guest from the past shows up at the wedding and turns everything upside down.

Suddenly, Sloane is playing nice and gives Lucy a makeover so that she too can join the PGs. Lucy decides to go undercover and agrees, but can she keep herself from getting sucked into their glamorous lifestyle? Should she trust Sloane?

The Dirt was full of surprises. It had a little bit of something for everyone: family, humor, drama, and mystery. I found myself rooting for Lucy, loving to hate Sloane, and curious about what was in store next for the Whitley family. The characters are relatable and Lori Culwell’s writing – from the perspective of a teenage girl – was very engaging.

The Dirt was quite the page turner and at times very unpredictable. I think anyone who enjoys YA novels will love this book….. no matter what clique you yourself belong to.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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