As a lover of historical fiction, I found The Countess and the King by Susan Holloway Scott to be lively and exhilarating! Katherine Sedley, born in seventeenth-century London, grows up in an eccentric family with a father who is promiscuous and a mother who preposterously thinks she’s the queen.

Katherine is a character that I thought was more easily identifiable with than most characters of novels that deal with the lives of royalty. She lives the way she wants to live, no matter what anyone thinks of her. And yet, she is a lady in the court of King Charles II, and quickly becomes popular at the palace.

Engaged in an affair with James, the married duke of York, Katherine continues the relationship even after Charles II dies and James becomes king. The Countess and the King swiftly turns into a historical romance that is filled with drama and intrigue. Suddenly, there is a triangle, where religious oppositions and political conspiracies come to pass. In this fast-paced and engaging novel, Katherine must decide if she is to remain loyal to her king or to her country.

In The Countess and the King, Scott succeeded in taking a piece of history and making it relevant, exciting and vivid. This is a book that you will not want to put down and one that will keep you going, wondering what Katherine will decide to do next.

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