Author Ralph Reed has decades of experience working with government officials.  He was an adviser for 88 Senate, Governor, and Congressmen campaigns and also worked on seven presidential campaigns. His extensive knowledge of how the political world works shows through in his novel, The Confirmation.

Iraqi terrorists have hijacked nuclear materials and are threatening to bomb a major city in the United States. With laws concerning issues like abortion and same-sex marriage on the docket, Supreme Court Justice Peter Corbin Franklin has a massive stroke. Bob Long, former governor of California, is now the newly elected president of the United States and is left with the weighing task of finding a replacement for Justice Franklin. His nominee, Marco Diaz, creates havoc for President Long when the media destroys him for his religious beliefs and with gossip from his past.

The Confirmation read like an earlier work of John Grisham’s as it was fast-paced and exciting. It captures you from the very first page and is hard to put down. Though it is filled with chaos, it gave an interesting view of what goes on in our nation’s capital and how the election process works. With each character we get to see exactly what running for office does to a person, on a mental as well as a physical level.

Although I enjoyed The Confirmation, it was also a difficult read in some aspects because there were too many characters to keep up with. When I read a book I like to get to know the characters, and that was hard to do here. I found myself turning back to the beginning pages to remind myself of each character and his role in the story. Nevertheless, I thought this was an exciting book and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys political thrillers.

Rating: 4/5

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