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Reviewed by Darin Godby

Once again, Robert Whitlow has written a bestseller. Without one second of hesitation, I’d recommend The Choice to anyone.

After Sandy, a senior in high school, finds herself pregnant by Brad Donnelly, a star football player, her life quickly changes, never to be the same again. The first part of the book deals with the choices Sandy must make and the fact that she must follow her inner desires to do what is best for not only one baby but two. While many people try to influence her and direct her decision, we quickly see that Sandy learns how to stand on her own. She makes many decisions that will not only impact her life but the lives of the babies whom she will give up for adoption.

The second part of the book takes place over 30 years later. Sandy, now a school teacher, faces a young pregnant girl in her class. She wants to help this young girl make wise choices – the same choices she was faced with many years earlier.  While on this quest Sandy encounters many hurtful things, yet in the midst of the turmoil she not only comes across one, but both of her sons. There are many emotions that the reader will experience as they travel along on Sandy’s journey.

Sandy finds that God never left her, rather He was guiding her along the way all the time. She in return desired to reach out and help others around her. She is soon acquainted with her son’s family and her grandchildren and is later asked to be an acting grandmother to the child of the young girl in her class.

From the first to the last page The Choice is filled with adventure, excitement and thought provoking situations that will help readers become less judgmental and more understanding in the way we view issues in life. There is also a study group discussion section at the end of the book that is extremely helpful. Each book by Robert Whitlow is entertaining and I can’t wait for the next to arrive.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Darin Godby is an active reader, husband, father and soon to be author.

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