Reviewed by Christen Krumm

Kariss Walker, an ex-news anchor turned author, wants to write more than just the flowery women’s fiction that has made her famous. Against the advice of her agent, Kariss begins work on a suspense novel on a subject that is close to her heart. It is the story of an FBI cold case from five years prior. The story of a little girl found in the woods, starved to death. Kariss reported on the crime as a news anchor, and it pained her heart that “Cherish Doe’s” story was never brought to light. And now Kariss wants to write the story with a happy ending to give some peace to Cherish Doe.

After calling in a favor to a friend at the FBI, Kariss finds herself working alongside FBI Special Agent Tigo Harris and reopening Cherish Doe’s case.

Tigo is wrapped up in his own investigation full of drugs, thieving, and gun smuggling. Only in his wildest dreams would he believe that his own case would be linked to the case that is so dear to the stubborn Kariss Walker’s heart.

Take a ride with Kariss and Tigo as they explore the underbelly of Houston to solve the case of Cherish Doe — and buckle your seatbelts and hang on because DiAnn Mills takes you for a fast ride!

DiAnn Mills had me captivated with the first paragraph! The Chase is packed with gun fights, car chases, and just enough mystery and intrigue to keep you turning pages long after you should have gone to bed. I really enjoyed the light friendship between Kariss and Tigo (when they finally get there). DiAnn really mastered the art of the element of surprise. More than once I was quite surprised at the turn of events. The Chase is a great fast read and recommended for everyone!

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Christen graduated from the University of Arkansas Fort Smith with a BA in English. She’s a coffee drinking stay at home mom by day and a freelance writer/editor by night. She currently resides in Arkansas with her husband and daughter and is excited to welcome a son in August.

Review copy was provided free of any obligation by Zondervan. No monetary or any other form of compensation was received.