the breaking point book coverReviewed by Jenna Arthur

Imagine everything in your world going seemingly wrong all in the matter of what seems like moments. This is what happens to forensic anthropologist, Dr. Bill Brockton. The Breaking Point unfurls a story of lies, mystery, forensic anomaly, and suspicion. Called in on a case by the FBI, Dr. Brockton flies to Otay Mountain, an area close to the Mexican border. Once there, he finds ablaze in fire the remains of what used to be a Cessna plane. The plane, Brockton finds out, belonged to humanitarian Richard Janus who was thought to be heading toward one destination but somehow wound up near Mexico–hundreds of miles away. The FBI, Dr. Brockton unknowingly learns, has their sights set on Janus. Claiming to be a humanitarian, Janus is actually a suspected drug trafficker and has dealings with some of the worst criminals Mexico has to offer.

Called in to explore the crime scene in order to verify Janus’ death, Brockton finds not only “proof” of Janus’ death but a mystery behind the scenes. This discovery not only turns his beliefs about the lengths a person would go to run from the law upside down but also casts an endless shadow on his work. Brockton’s maze of incomprehensible and unusual situations call into question The Body Farm, his research center at The University Of Tennessee, and upend his life by robbing him of his greatest love.

Can Brockton deal with the loss in his life? Will he be able to quiet the skeptics and prove not only his veracity but the sheer brilliance of his work? Will a blast from the past or the humanitarian gone rogue case drive him mad or show his true resiliency in the face of sadness and adversity? You will have to read to find out.

Jefferson Bass – the brilliant writing team of John Johnson and Dr. Bill Bass – never disappoints. The Breaking Point is filled with mind blowing facts that engulf the reader, not only drawing them in but teaching them something along the way. The book’s multiple plots, climactic points, and humanity give the character a real feel and make the story resoundingly interesting. Dr. Brockton is one of the best developed characters I’ve read in years. A great addition to the Body Farm books. Be sure to check out their other books–they do not disappoint!

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Jenna lives in the bustling city of Pittsburgh with her wife and furry children. She loves to cook, watch movies, and looks for inspiration in every book she reads.

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