the after house book coverReviewed by Amanda Farmer

The After House by Michael Phillip Cash was a great read for me. It wasn’t too scary and it had a great haunted feel to it. The After House divides its time between the present and the past for a certain spirit named Captain Eli Gaspar. The captain finds himself stuck in this world and he doesn’t know why, so he does what he does best–he runs his ship a.k.a. house (or tries to) and doesn’t interact much with the house tenants unless he has too. Captain Eli finds himself with new tenants, Remy and her daughter, Livie. He is not amused with them and doesn’t like how they have added throw pillows and such to his house. He does what spirits do and haunts them, to no avail; he isn’t what frightens them.

Remy is recently divorced, caring for her daughter, and juggling a new friendship with Hugh. Remy has moved herself and Livie into a new house and is adjusting to being away from her parents. She will do anything to protect her daughter. I loved how Livie wasn’t afraid of Eli and even kicked him and set him straight a time or two, which just perturbed him. He wasn’t used to people seeing him unless he wanted them too.

Throughout the story, the readers learn the reason behind why Captain Eli is still on this plane and not in the spirit world and who is really trying to harm Remy. I found the mystery behind who’s stalking Remy not all that difficult to figure out but I loved the story behind Captain Eli and reading about his adventures at sea. I also liked reading about his family. I found Remy and Livie to be likable characters; Hugh – and the ancestry that linked to Captain Eli – was interesting as well.

This was my first read by Michael Phillip Cash and it will certainly not be the last. I recommend The After House to those who like a haunting story and a dash of mystery thrown in. Readers won’t be disappointed.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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