Reviewed by Amanda B.

The Vixen Manual is the girlfriend’s guide to guys and self worth. Karrine makes no claim to be an expert, nor a saint – she simply tells it like it is. She learned from and shares her personal experiences of dating high profile celebrities, politicians, younger and older men and finally settling down and getting married to her best friend. She takes the reader step by step from being single, to dating, to settling down.

Know that you are worth it, know that you deserve to be happy, live for yourself and don’t lose yourself to a man are some of the points from the first chapter. Karrine offers dating tips for the single mom, benefits to dating a younger man, how to handle rejection, and tips on how to attract men and keep them coming back for more. With illustrations on how to have a fulfilling and adventurous sex life, The Vixen Manual covers it all.

Each chapter offers vixen tips and a side bar of what is called Vixen Say What that has quotes and a bit of humor. Each chapter ends with a recap summarizing the chapter with the most important key points, however, the chapters were all just three pages long with lots of blank pages thrown in to help take up space. There were many, many chapters that I wish she had elaborated on more.

With that said, I still found the book to be a good read with lots of tips, quotes and humor. Overall, the book was a great read and I do recommend it for anyone that is single, dating or even already married that doesn’t mind a few graphic words and pictures.