6514109Reviewed by Amanda Schafer

Jade Fitzgerald is getting married! After years of turning herself off to love, she finally found someone who will love her without questioning her past. They’ve agreed that everything that happened before they met was in the past and did not need to be brought up or discussed, and Jade was all too happy with the situation. But, things take a turn when Jade mails the wedding invitations and her mother, Beryl Hill, and Jade’s sister, Willow, show up three weeks early.

Jade’s past has been haunting her for years and causing panic attacks, but now everything is coming out in the open and making her realize that she won’t be able to marry Max without first dealing with her past. Telling Max one part of the story leads to another part that she wants to keep buried…will she be able to keep it to herself? Can Max forgive her if she doesn’t feel God can forgive her? Can Jade forgive Beryl for leaving her when she needed her mother the most?

First-time author, Sara Evans, jumps in with both feet in her debut novel. Some first-time authors will start off with a safe topic and keep it all “happy,” but not Sara! She takes something that can destroy a person and turns it into a story of healing and forgiveness and love. Rachel Hauck (Georgia on Her Mind, Sweet Caroline, and Love Starts with Elle) co-authors The Sweet By and By with Sara.

At first, I was having trouble getting into The Sweet By and By; the novel was a bit slow getting started. However, about half-way through it just grabbed me and would not let go! From that point forward, I couldn’t wait to turn the next page and see what was said, what was done, and what surprise was held for me in the next chapter. This novel shows how, with God’s love, we can overcome any obstacle and be able to start fresh again.

Amanda lives in Missouri with her engineering husband and two boys. In between homeschooling and keeping up with church activities she loves to read Christian Fiction, Women’s Fiction, and any Chick-Lit. She never goes anywhere without a book to read!

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