The-Sugarless-PlumReviewed by Jennifer Jensen

Zippora Karz was born to dance. Having watched her grandmother, mother, and older sister all pursue their love of dance, it was no surprise when little Zippora wanted to take ballet lessons too. It wasn’t long before Zippora’s talent was recognized and she was offered a scholarship to the School of American Ballet at the age of 14.

Ballet was the focal point of Zippora’s life and something she envisioned doing for the rest of her life. She constantly sought approval from her various instructors, never feeling confident enough in herself. Eventually Zippora was given the opportunity of a lifetime–to dance with the New York Ballet at the age of 18. But just 3 years later, Zippora’s career as a dancer took a sudden turn. It all started with irritating sores beneath her arms. Not willing to accept a doctor’s diagnosis of diabetes, Zippora continued to dance even though her body was failing her.

In The Sugarless Plum, Zippora Karz tells her incredible story of fulfilling her dreams while learning to live with type 1 diabetes. For Zippora, dancing was much more than just her passion; it was also her greatest source of comfort and healing in stressful personal situations. Dancing saw her through her parents’ divorce and the loss of a beloved animal. To lose her ability to perform on stage would be to lose herself.

When most people would give up on their dreams, Zippora refused to let type 1 diabetes control her life. Though it was not easy, she learned how to properly care for herself and continue to do what she loved most–dance. Karz’s story is simply inspirational. The organization and flow of her words is pure poetry to read. She has proven herself just as talented with a pen as she is en pointe.

For more information, please visit Zippora Karz’s website.

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