Reviewed by Amanda B.

Jack McEvoy was once a hotshot crime reporter for the Los Angeles Times when he cracked the case on The Poet. True to today’s economic situation, Jack becomes a victim of a series of layoffs. He receives a two week notice and has to train his replacement, Angela, a new reporter with a smaller salary. Isn’t that a smack in the face? Jack decides to go out with a bang and give the paper a reason to believe that they made a big mistake by letting him go – he will write a murder story that will highlight his career.

Jack connects a trunk murder to an earlier murder in Las Vegas and takes off running with his biggest story in over twelve years. Once in Las Vegas, Jack realizes he’s onto a killer that has long since worked under police and FBI radar and has somehow set off a digital trip wire. The killer knows he is coming and is trying to set up road blocks to throw Jack off and eliminate any and all problems.

Jack has no choice but to find some help and that help comes in the form of Rachel Walling of the FBI. He has not seen or spoken to her in the twelve years since they shared a short affair during The Poet case. Meanwhile, Jack’s replacement at the paper, Angela, is murdered. Will Rachel and the FBI help Jack find the killer or will he go down for the murder once Angela is found dead under his own bed?

The Scarecrow was extremely well written. I have to say that right off hand, I couldn’t think of another Michael Connelly book that I had read. This book made me go look up all other books that he has written and read more. I realized that I had read a few of his stories before, but apparently none that had caught my attention and reigned me in the way this book did. Michael Connelly has a new fan and I can’t wait to read more!