the red thread book coverReviewed by Michelle S.

What would you do to make up for the loss of your own child? After visiting an orphanage in China, and learning about the laws restricting families to one child (a second only if the first was a girl, and the second a boy), Maya opens the Red Thread Adoption Agency as a way to atone for her loss.

The adoption process is interwoven with the stories of five families with diverse reasons for wanting to adopt. Emily wants her own child. Susannah just wants a normal child. Nell wants to check a “child” off her life list. Sophie wants to save the world, one child at a time. Brooke wonders if there is room enough in one’s heart for a spouse and a child. While facilitating the adoption process, Maya herself seeks closure.

In addition to the stories of the adoptive parents, we also get a peek into the lives of the five Chinese families who must give up their daughters. Fearing punishment for breaking the one child law, their little girls are left on the steps of police stations, orphanages, and any other public place the child may be found and cared for.

The Red Thread by Ann Hood held me completely captivated as it chronicled the pain of many women who yearned for a child of their own. More than that, it told of the pain suffered by those mothers who have no choice but to give up their baby girl. While this novel is a work of fiction, the author seemed to mirror her own experiences of the loss of her daughter Grace, and the subsequent adoption of baby Annabelle from Changsha, China.

I adored The Red Thread and the way it effortlessly flowed back and forth between the families as they readied themselves for this life-altering event. I think you’ll adore it too.

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