overnight socialite book coverReviewed by Poppy J.

Lucy Jo Ellis is a woman on a mission. She has dreams of starting her own clothing line and becoming a classic fashion designer. Unfortunately for her, the stars are not lining up in her favor. She is invited to an haute couture fashion event where she expects to be a participant, only to find out that she was brought in as hired help. After a series of mishaps, she is fired from her fashion job on the spot, and leaves for home with her life in ruins.

On the way home, in a torrential rain storm, she meets Wyatt Hayes IV. The scene where they meet is right out of the movie “Sweet Charity” with Shirley MacLaine. It is the scene where Charity is outside of the hotel in a downpour and meets the celebrated actor, Vittorio Vidal, who is sitting in a cab. Similarities to the movie aside, Lucy Jo is offered a chance to get the ultimate makeover. Wyatt offers to turn her into a socialite, and his friend Trip promises to make her the envy of every other woman on the social scene.

Of course, Wyatt has an ulterior motive to working so diligently with Lucy Jo, who becomes knows as Lucia Haverford Ellis. He is writing a book and wants to make Lucy part of his experiment. He is so confident that he will win, that he bets Trip his heirloom watch on the outcome.

Lucy enjoys her new identity and is coached on what to do and to say when she is in the company of other socialites. She sometimes feels that she will never fit into the high society crowd, but she gives it her everything to make the transformation work. Somewhere along the way, Wyatt develops real feelings for Lucy, much to the chagrin and discern of his girlfriend Cornelia. What plays out is a tug of war competition which will determine who will end up with whom – each party vying for the attentions of the other.

The Overnight Socialite is funny and unpredictable. Lucy is a warm character that the reader will love immediately. She is unsure and confident at the same time, which is a charming mix that readers will come to appreciate as her true nature. The other characters act responsibly and are easier to read. There are no complex plots in this story, but it is still one to read with a light heart, knowing that it all works out in the end.

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