6695919Reviewed by Criston M.

A short read, The Ocean Between can be best described as West Side Story meets Lawrence of Arabia.

Victoria is a very wealthy business woman. She loves her professional work and her volunteer work at the orphanage, even intending to adopt three children. Unbeknown to her, Victoria’s father arranges her meeting with Prince Rashid. He is dying of cancer and wishes to protect the family business and assets by arranging for Victoria to marry the Prince.

Despite the business arrangement, Rashid is adamant to have Victoria as more than just a wife on paper. Victoria, however, does everything in her power to avoid Rashid. She has been very happy with her life but somehow Rashid’s dark eyes makes her question what she wants. She fights every ounce of emotion she feels for Rashid, which only makes Rashid more determined to make her his.

The Ocean Between packs a romantic punch from beginning to end, enticing and engaging the reader into a world of Arab fantasy. An enjoyable read in any language or land, love always prevails.The story burns with held back passion and the character leave you wanting a sequel, if only to find out how Victoria has fared.

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Criston McNeil was born and raised in Boston. She now resides in Cape Cod with her 19 year old son. She has worked in the medical field for 24 years and enjoys singing, dancing, reading and cooking.