motion of the ocean book coverReviewed by Criston M.

College sweethearts Graeme and Janna reconnect later in life and get married. For their honeymoon, the couple decides to travel across the Pacific Ocean in a sailboat named Dragonfly. Their living quarters – a tiny space the size a small child’s room boasting a bed, a bathroom, an oven, and some hot plates.

Graeme and Janna are so excited about this trip of a lifetime that they forget about the reality of living with someone in such close quarters. They also forget that they will have no one but each other to talk to for two years. Along the way, Graeme throws his energy into the never ending boat repairs, while Janna delights in meeting sailing buddies. De-boarding on various small islands, they encounter adoring locals who take Janna’s attention away from the fact that she’s coming to think of her husband as a grump.

Escaping bad weather and with barely any fuel left to power the boat, Graeme and Janna finally reach Hong Kong. Was it all worth it and will they learn to truly appreciate the time they spent together?

At time, I found it difficult to relate to the story in The Motion of the Ocean. However, it might possibly be a book that people who sail would love. They would find humor in being on a boat with only Ramen noodles left. They would get the terminology and understand how hard it is to share one small little room with the same person for two years.

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