Reviewed by Norma Z.

Kenzie Thorn and Myles Parsons meet in prison. She thinks it is a coincidence; he knows it is not by chance. Myles is one of the prison inmates in the GED program Kenzie teaches, and she tries to focus on the lack of adequate funding for her program, not one specific inmate. Despite herself and Myles’ arrogant attitude, Kenzie finds herself unwillingly attracted to her student and inmate. When he kidnaps her at knife point, she is torn between wanting to believe that he is the FBI agent he says he is and her fear that it is all a lie.

Both Kenzie and Myles have strong morals and Christian beliefs. The characters often find themselves closely confined in unusual situations, and their personal beliefs fill the novel with the angst of physical attraction.

In the midst of being chased (and while someone is trying to break down the door), Myles grants the “sweet and spicy” Kenzie a kiss. An escape out the window is finally a success once their innocent passion is abated. In the end, Kenzie is faced with a decision that goes against her beliefs and has the potential to destroy her family.

If you appreciate hearing the hero and heroine break into prayer out of fear and doubt…if you have fears and doubts and want to know where to turn, you will enjoy this action packed, angst filled novel. Christian readers will enjoy Kenzie‘s character, and readers who do not generally read novels of this type might find some encouragement in her faith.

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