I’ve been on a health/beauty kick in the recent months (probably has something to do with my upcoming nuptials), and decided to feature a few of my favorite beauty and health books, cookbooks, and beauty products. I will be posting several reviews and giveaways throughout May and June, so keep an eye out and enjoy!

Reviewed by Amanda B.

Elisabeth grew up in an Italian-American neighborhood in Providence, Rhode Island where it was typical to have a fresh loaf of Italian bread every day. While in college, Elisabeth began suffering from abdominal pains, intestinal infections, IBS, lack of energy and constant hunger. Doctor after doctor would simply say that it was IBS, or Irritable Bowel syndrome, and that no treatment would stop the pain.

After years of living with the pain, Elisabeth was convinced that her condition was much more serious than IBS and set out to prove it by doing her own research. In the mist of her research, she received a phone call and was asked to be part of the reality show Survivor: The Australian Outback. After thirty-nine days of near starvation, she felt better than she had felt in years. Thirty-nine days of no pain. When she returned home, Elisabeth was diagnosed with celiac disease, which is triggered by gluten that can be found in everything from pasta to bread to cookies. The only known treatment is a lifelong gluten-free diet.

I foundThe G-Free Diet easy to follow, very informative, and very thorough without being overloaded with hard to understand doctor terms. There was plentry of information about the disease, symptoms, what you could and could not eat. Elisabeth walks you through how to recognize gluten on labels in the supermarket and how to be able to eat at restaurants and stay gluten free.

There have been claims of the diet helping to alleviate autism symptoms, but benefits are not limited to celiac disease and autism. Anyone that seeks increased energy, improved attention spans, quicker digestion and weight loss can potentially benefit from the diet. Another plus for the book was the ten page appendix stuffed with over a hundred helpful websites.

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