Reviewed by Miriam S.

The Chris Farley Show: A Biography in Three Acts, is a great read for anyone who is a fan but does not necessarily have to be so. Written by his brother Tom Farley and Tanner Colby, this book takes you through a comedic yet tragic tour of Chris Farley’s life from Red Arrow camp, through his addictions, up until his unfortunate death.

Actor/comedian Chris Farley was a big personality who made everyone around him laugh. The 33-year-old actor was a box-office star with popular, high-grossing films such as Billy Madison, Wayne’s World, and his most popular, Tommy Boy. While the public and his fans knew him as an animated funny man who broke comedic grounds, those closest to Farley remember him as a deeply religious, kind, gentle-hearted man who struggled with his demons for a decade before succumbing to them in December of 1997.

Beginning with Chris’ childhood, The Chris Farley Show is mostly made up of excerpts from interviews with friends, family, writers, and cast mates.

Chris was raised in an upper middle class Irish Catholic neighborhood in Madison, Wisconsin. Chris’s dad, Tom senior, was a heavy drinker for whom alcohol consumption was more of a thing to do and that everyone did, than a potential danger. It is suggested by his brother and author of the book that his father’s behavior certainly did not help Chris as he struggled with his addictions.

Those familiar with Chris Farley’s comedy will not be surprised to learn that Chris was not acting much during his sketches; he was merely being himself. His personality was what many saw on SNL. He was as shy, hilarious, and animated as he seemed on television, and that is how everyone from fans to friends to family seem to remember the comedic genius that was Chris Farley.