HMH_spine_959_487_90_c1Teachers who are ordering programs and books for their students will appreciate being able to find a variety of material available from one company. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is one of the companies that offers programs and books for students in preschool through grade 12. Parents will also find useful material on the site.

Teachers can purchase reading programs and language arts curricula. Reading programs that will help students with varied reading skills are available.

Math programs cover easy math concepts, algebra, geometry and other items.

Science textbooks here cover biology, chemistry and physics.

World history, civics and geography are some of the subjects covered in the social studies books sold here.

Foreign language teachers will find German, French and Spanish books.

Workbooks and study guides are available for parents who want to help their children do well in school. Test preparation books for the SAT and the ACT are also available. Parents who want to encourage their children to read can buy fiction and nonfiction books for all ages here.

Those who home-school their children can purchase books on every subject here. Textbooks are also available for parents who want to help their children with the subjects they are learning in a traditional school.