On May 7th, I signed up for hosting with FatCow in advance of transferring my blog to WordPress. I’m very happy at WordPress, but choosing FatCow was the worst mistake I could have made. In that first week alone, my blog was down at least ten times and I had to spend too much time calling their technical support, chatting with them online, and so on. Just as I would get comfortable that the problems were fixed (and they were for at least few weeks), something else would come up. Oftentimes my blog would be down at night and I would hear about it from my readers.

While FatCow reps were quick to answer the lines or chat with me online, they rarely told me what exactly the problem was and constantly evaded my questions. The biggest prize of a rep was a woman who could only say “umm” and “sorry for the inconvenience” during the entire conversation. Here is a screenshot of the tickets for my technical problems. There were dozens more, but they did not even open a ticket every time.

At the beginning of September, I decided enough was enough after FatCow once again began having technical issues during an important giveaway. With Stacie’s (of SimplyStacie) encouragement, I made the switch to HostGator and, knock on wood, have had zero issues. Although I could not post for 48 hours during the propagation process, my blog remained fully functional and HostGator took care of the entire transfer process at no extra charge. I can honestly say that the level of their customer service was just phenomenal!

After the transfer was complete, I went back to dealing with FatCow in order to get a refund. I chatted with a rep by the name of Philomena Nelson who promised me a $52.94 refund, and I have the saved chat transcript to prove it. Low and behold, I got less than half. When I contacted FatCow again, they said “sorry for the inconvenience” – typical. I even wrote an e-mail to them just to give it one last shot. I explained that I already cancelled my hosting service with them and just wanted the refund that was promised to me.  Here is their response:

“We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. I do understand how important it is for you to get excellent support from us and you totally depend on us for the hosting services. When this is the case, the solution that was provided by the earlier agent wasn’t acceptable. We will make sure that the management is completely aware of this and immediate coaching is taken-up for the agent.”

Obviously, they did not even read my e-mail. Otherwise, they’d know I no longer depend on them for hosting services.

I guess FatCow has never heard of the saying that unhappy customers are very likely to tell others about their bad experience. So, I hope that by sharing mine, I can spare others from dealing with this incompetent company.