Reviewed by April Kirkland

Tempest Unleashed is the second book in The Tempest Trilogy by Tracy Deebs. It continues the story of Tempest Maguire, a teenage girl trying to come to terms with her destiny to become a very powerful mermaid.

Tempest Unleashed picks up a few months after the first book, Tempest Rising, when Tempest made her choice to embrace life in the ocean with Kona and her mother’s clan. She has been training to one day lead the clan now that her mother is gone and the merqueen is rapidly aging. But when she has a horrible feeling that something has happened to her brother, she abandons her duties to be by his side. Her choice not only has some serious consequences but will also lead her to make some life altering decisions. And once again, everything comes down to the land or the sea…

Tempest Unleashed was a really fun story to read although it did have some dark undertones. Unlike the first book, I love that book two mostly takes place in the ocean. The undersea world is depicted so beautifully and vivid that I felt I was really there. I think one of my favorite parts was imagining all of the cool sea creatures described in the story (selkies, shark-men, buynip, scylla and more). In this book, Tempest also really starts to come into her powers and becomes the powerful mermaid everyone but her knew she could be.

There are a lot of cool action scenes that really help make this book exciting. Although in some aspects the story is a bit predictable with the whole love triangle, confused girl approach, it still manages to stay very interesting and exciting to the very end. Tempest seems to make her choice by the end of the book so I am very curious to see where that goes in book three. I for one eagerly await publication of the next book. I think there is still a lot more in store for Tempest Maguire.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

April is a stay at home mom and wife. She lives in a small county in Alabama famous for its peaches. She loves to write poetry, read, and paint, and is also an aspiring author.

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