Reviewed by Jennifer Rasmussen

Vaughn Wilson spent three years and 30,000 miles to create a stunning tapestry of horse-lovers through the stories of their horses. The pages of Tell Me about that Horse cover 39 interviews with celebrities and cowboys about the horses that changed their lives, and complimentary images.

I’m always a little skeptical when I see a “horse book.” As a life-long and self-proclaimed cowgirl, most horse books are too shallow, too prettied up by superfluous descriptions and keep the horses center-stage as nothing more than big dogs.

While horses can be pets, the relationship between a horse and his owner goes far beyond companionship. Horses get in your blood and become an addiction. It’s impossible to eradicate them from your life. Vaughn Wilson has it bad, and worked incredibly hard to find other addicts who could effectively portray what it’s like to find that diamond – the one horse who leaves an indelible imprint on every cell of your being.

Tell Me about that Horse is the only book of its kind. It is an exemplary portrayal of horses and owners of all shapes and sizes. It is not only a heart-searing read for anyone who’s ever owned “That” horse, but a glimpse into what horse lovers go through every time they get to be around a superstar horse, and a way for non-horse lovers to understand the addiction a little bit better.

Tell Me about that Horse is not only well-written, but would make a beautiful coffee table book. It is every bit as versatile as some of the great horses portrayed within its cover.

Rating: 5/5

Jen Greyson writes supernatural thrillers and corporate training guides and tries not to mix the two. You can find her free ebook, How to Build a Writing Platform that Works: The New Path to Publishing, at her website, http://TheSurvivalMama.com.

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